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We use a DOBOT Magician, a raspberry pi and a resuscitation bag to build a #riskyHack mechanical ventilation support system. Our PyDoAir is a cross-platform and open-source-python-scripted mechanical ventilator.

see the PoDoAir in action
We do not guarantee the security, functionality and reliability of this prototype. PyDoAir is a non-certified, non-medical and full-mechanical ventilator! NOTE, use at your own risk!


Please download the following .zip from the official DOBOT-download-center

click on tab: Development protocol and download the following .zip-file

Dobot Demo v2.1

All drivers and DOBOT-Robot-Arm-DLLs for common OS (both, 32 and 64 bit) are in this package.


Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Smit
Mettjeweg 66
26789 Leer-Germany
email: Send an Email
institute: BBS 2 Leer

Machine Instructions and assembly instructions
Step 1: Preparing Dobot Magician and your OS:
  1. Install Python 3.7.x
  2. Install official DLLs from Demo V2.1
  3. Note, use suitable DLLs for your OS!
  4. Add the path to the DLLs in your OS-enviroment-PATH-variable
  5. Turn Dobot Magician on and connect via usb to your os
  6. Test Dobot-YOUR-OS-Connection with the official Demo v2.1
    You need some help: Second Development Python Demo
  7. If the Dobot-Arm moves..., your machine is ready to work!
Step 2: Preparing PyDoAir on your OS:
  1. Download all Python-scripts
  2. Start the Python Script
  3. If the GUI-PyDoAir starts with remark PyDoAir is ready the installation is done!
Step 3: Preparing the mechanical components:
  1. Open the arrangement-instructions
  2. install and fasten all components as shown in the arrangement
Step 4: You can Start, but remember...
  1. the machine is a risky prototype ventilator.
  2. there are no long-term-test results under real conditions.
  3. check the machine as often as you can.